Why Monochrome ?

 I often ask from a person who saw my landscape photographs "Why monochrome?" In such a case,  I will answer that " I like it "
  I know that there are many subject suitable for color photography in nature. But I think that monochrome photograph is suitable for expressing the beauty of tone and depth of black. Besides that,there are many excellent features such as unusual expression and subjective expression etc. But I can not briefly explain with these things,so I answer " I like it " 

Keisuke Iwamoto Profile

Born 1963 in Tomakomai city Hokkaido Japan.
When I was a junior high shcool student, I was interested in photographs taken by Daido Ohmori. Because of that I came to like monochrome photographs.
1983-1988 Ibaraki Univercity Mito city Japan
1990-1992 Tokyo Visual Arts, Tokyo Japan
Member of Japan Professional Photographers Society



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            Keisuke Iwamoto